Youth Development U.S.

The building block to developing all bridges of togetherness is cultural awareness through education; and to nurture progressive thinking, education MUST begin early.  In this way, Da African Village is very excited to offer an array of culturally and historically significant classes intended to give children and adults alike a deeper meaning behind African drums and culture.


Da’African Village™ offers a K-12 curriculum integrated youth leadership program that will provide young people with an opportunity to build self-esteem and self-confidence by learning, West African traditional drumming. By studying the cultural and historical significance of drumming, children will discover the rewards of discipline, teamwork, creativity, responsibility and self-respect. These elements are the foundations out of which come respect for others, leadership, and ultimately, positive contributions to the world.
Our youth development program is a four (4) month program to be instructed by renowned Sabar and djembe master drummers from Senegal, West Africa. Classes occur two (2) times per week at your designated school-site for 1-hour during in-class session. At the program’s end, student will be required to perform before the student body at winter break and matriculation.

  • 1st semester program starts September 10, 2012 (payments are due August 20th)
  • 2nd semester program starts February 4, 2013 (payments due January 18th)

There is a parental responsibility of $130 per student per month, which includes a monthly payment of $50 for equipment and $80 for monthly sessions. Students will be provided with a personal djembe drum to practice with at home and during sessions.

Da African Village is proud to announce Aziz Faye of the renown Sing Sing Family of Dakar Senegal, as the programs premiere drum instructor. ~ Aziz Faye of Dakar Senegal West Africa, comes from a long line of master drummers and dancers. His family Sing Sing is the Baj Nguewel Family (cultural historians) of Dakar going back many generations. Aziz grew up in Medina, the Nguewel suburb of Dakar, learning from his father Sing Sing Faye, his grandfather, and uncles the secret of the Sabar. He then went on to master the Djembe. He has been playing the Sabar, Djembe and Djun djun drums since the age of six. From a young age he stood out as one of the most talented of his generation and as a young boy he was a premiere performer in Le Ballet Sing Sing Rhythm, both drumming and dancing. He has performed with the National Ballet of Senegal and with many world stage performers. In Los Angeles Aziz founded the dance and drum ensemble Khaley Nguewel (Young Griots). Aziz was awarded a Master Musician Fellowship by the Durfee Foundation 2004-2005 and was a Master in residence at Suffolk University as part of the Gewel Tradition Project in 2009.

Here Aziz talks about what drumming means to him.

The son of Master Drummer Dethie Sarr “Pape” Diouf and member of the Senegalese African Drum Ensemble Balle Fette, Thiane Diouf is becoming L.A.’s premier professional African Drummer with styled technique in djembe, sabar and the tama “talking drum” instruments.

From Bargny, Senegal West Africa, Thiane has performed with a varied range of artists as well supported many world music compilations.

You can find Thiane traveling across country or in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area with his rhythmic African beats and captivating performances.

To inquire, complete a pre-registration form or contact Da’ African Village at 1 (424) 703.0784 or email your


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