The mission of Da’African Village is to foster the cultural exchange between Africa and the world, as well as develop sustainable communities by way of commerce, community involvement and education.

Under the leadership of CEO and Founder, Serigne Mara Diakhate, Mara Imports and Traders has established  it-self as a world-reknowned distributor of fair-traded African imports.

In recent years, thousands of talented craftsmen have lost their lives in search of sustainability.  Many artists in West Africa who have little to no success at home often, to have a better life, brave the oceans  through drastic measures to get to Europe.  When you support Mara Imports and Traders, you are supporting an initiative to  save countless lives each year.



Here are a few photos of the beautiful merchandise on its way from Senegal.

Please contact Mara @ 424.703.0784 with any inquiries! Shipment should be arriving soon.


Masks & Carvings




To learn more about Mara Imports and Traders visit or call 1 (424) 703-0784.


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