About Da African Village

Mission Statement ~ Da African Village – Non-Profit Organization – In Partnership with the T.R.E.E.

Da Village: The African village is the bridge of togetherness between Africans and the rest of the world.  Through business involvement, community activities, and cultural awareness we plan to lay the foundation for this much needed bridge.

We are a small but mighty group attempting to provide a focal point for individuals and others who are committed to the health and well-being of the “family-unit”. California based, with satellite offices in Senegal West Africa, we are supported by our 501c.  Da African Village supports a nurturing environment in which issues can be discussed, ideas can be developed and models can be employed.

It is a joint venture/collaborative network specializing in cultural immersion, tourism, West African Art and Artifacts. Utilizing our “Affinity Excursion” program we ship art and artifacts to brokers and collectors worldwide educating the world about this under-appreciated culture.

You are invited to come and learn by reconnecting with your lost family that can be described as “Da Village”.

By partnering with the T.R.E.E. and other reputable charities in the U.S. we intend to show there is worldwide interest in this movement.  No longer are we not “our brother’s keeper”.  ”It takes a Village”.


Serigne Mara Diakhate

CEO / Founder of Da African Village

World traveler, entrepreneur and Pan Africanist, this Senegalese living in the city of Angels but never leaving Dakar behind, has found a way to share his culture with the rest of the world.  A place where family values, resources, and a thriving economy have been able to exist within an unstable environment, because the people have made a conscious decision to keep it that way. Rich in Tradition and plentiful in spirit these people have a game plan to keep families whole and healthy.

“Mara” as he is commonly known has been sharing the rhythm, the flow and the fabric of West Africa with those who visit this vast abundance of history and culture.  He has guided thousands of people from the U.S. and abroad through his homeland of Senegal and throughout other countries of West Africa including the Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Ghana and Guinea. Working with the largest travel agencies in the U.S. and Europe Mara has made a name for himself in the Travel and Tourism Industry.

A Graduate from the University of Dakar majoring in English, Mara is also fluent in 4 other languages.  He has guided celebrities such as Selena Williams, Jessie Jackson, Lauren Hill, Ky-Mani Marley, Jimmy Cliff plus many more.


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